We specialize in Single Speed and Fixed Geared Track Bikes, custom builds and custom paint jobs, but we fix mostly anything, so bring in your Roadie or MTB to get your tubes replaced new tires or a tune-up. Its hard to price things without looking at the bike first because there is so many small differences, but here are a few everyday repair prices.

NewTube // 700c, 26, 27 inch $10-20

New Tire // 700c, 26, 27 inch (HouseBrand) $25-35

Broken Chain $15-20

Brake Adjustment $20+Parts

Shifter Adjustment $20+Parts

Lite Tune Up $50+Parts

Full Tune Up $70+Parts



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Tuesday-Friday Closed

Sat&Sun 11am-5pm // 404.754.2574 //

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